Do I make the reservation from the first day I will be skiing?

Yes. For example if you are arriving in the afternoon/evening on Saturday 5th January, you should select Sunday 6th January as the first day you will be skiing. It is often likely that we arrange your fitting to be the afternoon/evening before your first day of skiing.

What should I do if I want to amend or add more people to my booking?

If you have already submitted a booking, please email us if you wish to make any changes or add additional people.

What grade of ski/snowboard is most suitable for me?

To keep things simple, Madwax uses the same system for grading the pistes for the different grades of equipment available.

  • Green if you are a beginner or if you are looking for a budget option.
  • Blue if you are comfortable on blue runs, and have around 1-4 weeks experience.
  • Red if you enjoy red pistes and have over 3 weeks experience.
  • Black if you have a long ski history and/or looking for the top range equipment.
Can I make specific requests?

Please make any specific requests in the comments section of the booking form or via email. For example if you would prefer an all-mountain ski, specific length of ski or wide/narrow feet.

What happens if my ETA is delayed?

We appreciate that delays arriving in resort are often inevitable, such as flight delays or traffic difficulties. Please contact us to let us know your new ETA so we can rearrange your fitting time as we want to get you on the slopes as soon as possible!

What happens if I am not happy with my skis or if my boots are uncomfortable?

Please contact us and we will arrange to bring alternative equipment for you to try.

What happens if my equipment is damaged?

Normal wear and tear can be expected and Madwax will not charge for this. However if you have an incident and your equipment is damaged, we ask for a fair replacement/repair charge.

What happens if my equipment is lost or stolen?

If your equipment is lost or stolen please let us know as soon as possible and we will assist you with what to do next. We want you to enjoy your holiday so we will get you back on the slopes with new equipment. If the equipment has been stolen you should contact the police for a crime reference number. If the equipment is not found by the end of your holiday you will be liable for the replacement cost of the item.

All equipment is the responsibility of the customer and Madwax does not offer specific theft or damage insurance.

Please treat the equipment as if it were your own. Certain steps can be taken to prevent loss or theft:

Keep equipment within eyesight at all times

Leave in a secure, locked place overnight.

Don’t leave outside bars at Après!

What happens if I want to ski an extra day?

Please contact us before 5pm on your last day of skiing to let us know.

How do I arrange for the collection of my equipment at the end of my holiday?

We usually arrange a collection time during the fitting, or you can give us a call when you are finished on your last day of skiing and we will collect your equipment at a convenient time.